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The benefits of Whisper & Willow

Baby massage and Yoga are recognised forms of loving communication for you and your baby to experience together. Whisper & Willow products and classes provide many benefits for parents and their babies which are explained on our website.

Class Times


09.30 Huggly Buggly Baby Massage

11.15 Huggly Buggly Baby Yoga


09.30 Huggly Buggly Baby Yoga

10.45 Huggly Buggly Baby Massage


10.00 Wiggly Piggly Treasure Time

11.00 Wiggly Piggly Stretchy Time

Contact & Location

The School House, The Village, Willingale
Nr. Ongar, Essex CM5 0SN.

Tel: 07711 847244

Email: info@whisperandwillow.com

About Us

I set up Whisper and Willow because I believe passionately that all children, including my own, should grow up in a calm, and healthy environment. With all the trappings of the modern world and its technology, we sometimes forget the best computer of all is OUR BODY.

From my experience as a mother of four and a Montessori teacher, I think it is always important to follow the lead from our children. I decided when my last child was born to retrain and become a baby massage and baby yoga instructor, so that I could provide parents, like myself a place to come and enjoy their babies and their natural ability to nurture them.

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