Our classes


Our classes

Our Huggly Buggly classes provide a bonding experience for babies and mums, dads or grandparents to soothe and relax everyone in a calm and holistic environment.  Suitable for babies from 6 weeks old to 6 months old.

Huggly Buggly Baby Massage – 4 x 90 minute sessions.  

Huggly Buggly Baby Massage is a classic 4 week baby introductory massage routine.  The massage techniques learnt will help you to soothe and settle wnd, colic, or constipation.  It also helps small ailments such as nasal or chest conjestion and teething problems.  Indian and Swedish massage techniques are used, alongside Reflexology.  These sessions provide time to share ideas, meet new friends and learn a lifelong skill.

The session includes a bottle of nourishing organic Whisper and Willow Baby Massage Oil and handouts.

Huggly Buggly Baby Yoga – 4 x 60 minute sessions. 

Huggly Buggly Baby Yoga is a 4 week, 3 in 1 routine, incorporating simple baby yoga, baby massage and song time.  The class provides lots of emphasise on parent interaction and fun rhyme time for your baby. Huggly Buggly Baby Yoga will help your baby sleep more deeply, provide them with physical activity and high quality attention.  It is a great session for meeting new parents, enjoying gentle exercise and enhancing communication between you and your baby.

The session includes a free song-sheet to practise with your baby at home.


Dadda and Me and Mumma has tea – 1 x 90 minute session. 

Dadda and Me Massage is a session for fathers to learn the basic skills of baby massage in the comfort of their own home.  The session provides time for fathers to bond with their baby whilst Mum relaxes and has a cup of tea.

The session includes a bottle of nourishing organic Whisper and Willow Baby Massage Oil and handouts.

Baby Bean Massage (prenatal – 6wks postnatal) – 1 x 90 minute session.  

Baby Bean Massage is an introductory session for mums-to-be or new mums.  It gives mums the chance to practise baby massage prior to the birth or soon after to give your baby the best possible bond with you.

The session provides invaluable techniques on helping you to soothe and settle your baby in those very early days.

The session includes a bottle of nourishing organic Whisper and Willow Baby Massage Oil and handouts.

Wiggly Piggly Classes

Our Wiggly Piggly classes provide an early years developmental experience for babies that are beginning to sit up and move.  The sessions are designed to promote intellectual and social discovery.  They provide parents with information on how to stimulate and interact with their growing babies.

The sessions are suitable for babies from 6 months to 10 months or walking.

Wiggly Piggly Treasure Time – 1 x 45 minutes session. 

Wiggly Piggly is a weekly class for babies who are sitting.  The babies will learn about and discover their natural environment.  The session provides Treasure Baskets to enhance your babies fine and gross motor skills, exploration and natural curiosity.

The sessions help to develop a natural desire to investigate and think about shapes, colours, textures, dimensions and sounds. Sessions end with a rhyme and song time.

The session includes a handout on “Making your own treasure basket” and song sheet.

Wiggly Piggly Stretchy Time – 4 x 60 minute session.  

Wiggly Piggly Stretchy Time is a 4 week course for babies 6 months to 10 months. Incorporating simple massage techniques, baby yoga and song time. A fun opportunity for your moving baby to discover their bodies and have time to interact with you.

The session includes a song sheet handout.

Individual Sessions

All of our courses can be tailored and adapted to your specific needs and requirements either at our local venues or in the comfort of your own home.